The Sea Was Never Blue

Album of new piano music debuted at #2 on UK iTunes Classical chart


Stop-motion music video feat. Waitress for the Bees.

e to one million places

Piece for piano, electronics, film & video.

Organ Donor #1 (Pedals)

70s organ, Teensyduino & woodworking.


Like Tinder, but for cuddling. WIRED top 100 app.

Biomimetic electronics

What is it like to be a cell? To play with a colony?


One of the most popular apps of all time; I made the main screen move to music.

Free will & determinism

Procedurally-designed sculptures

TEDxBath: Echoes of the City

“How I see Music Using Code”

What She Sees

Piece for for piano and spoken text; with live audio processing and controlled piano-resonance feedback loop (i.e. granular resynthesis and a tiny amp in the piano)


This piece is inspired by the intensely wild, open space I encountered in the rural Westfjords of Iceland, while taking part in the Dionysía residency there.

Organ Donor #2 (Beats)

Sound-sculpture: Transplant-upcycling a 1970s organ


A game controlled by singing